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What to consider when looking for an estate management company

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Looking after a number of properties can be difficult- done properly it can be a great investment. As the demand for rented properties increases there is still potential for growth. However as with any investment it depends who you invest with and how you look after it. This is why it pays to have someone who can ensure your properties are properly looked after and below are some factors to consider when choosing an estate management company.


With any company it is best to go with someone who has a good track record. Aside from having the necessary qualifications there is the simple fact that the right company will also often be one that has been involved in more situations.

The fact is a lot of things people may be prepared for in theory may not always necessarily work out that way in practise. Furthermore you want ones that know the local area, the people who are likely to be interested in being your tenants and generally the experience to know how to get the best long term return from your properties.



Another crucial aspect is the services that a company offers. For example being able to offer the best deals on insurance can help reduce long term costs. Other issues can include planning applications, dealing with legal enquiries and share certificates.

Amongst other things we can offer-

  • Maintenance- Not only good for tenants but also important when it comes to making sure a property looks good in pictures. While tenants should be expected to keep the property clean to a reasonable degree it does help to get a regular cleaner in to keep it looking presentable as much as possible.
  • Setting rents- How can you be sure rent is at an appropriate level? We can make sure that the rent set is right for the local area.
  • Accounts- Ensure all money is properly accounted for. With recent changes to rules around deposits it is vital that this done properly.
  • Meetings- If you run the properties as part of a trust or board then we can arrange those meetings. We can also act as Company Secretary if you need someone to take notes (this can be ideal as it means you have someone not immediately part of the group taking the minutes and setting the agenda of a meeting).


Working relationship

A company may provide the services that you want and may also have the level of experience that you want. However this may not necessarily be a guarantee of satisfaction. If they aren’t working for you or you don’t feel they have your interests at heart it can be hard to work with them.

This is why we believe in having a proper working relationship with our clients- when it comes to an estate there is a lot to cover and you want to be sure you can trust the people you are working with.

Contact us today to find out more about the great services we can offer you and how we can help you get the most from your properties.

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