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Choosing the right Managing Agent

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Choosing the right Managing Agent

There can be a lot of challenges with the management of an estate and for a lot of people you may not necessarily be aware of the amount of work involved; therefore it helps to choose the right Managing Agent to ensure that your estate is properly looked after.

A big consideration when choosing a Managing Agent is the services that they have to offer. For example arranging suitable contractors for keeping the appearance of the estate in good order and repair as this is the first thing seen by residents (and potential new residents). First impressions count!

However it is not just the day to day running of estate that is important. For example regular meetings can be vital in ensuring that everyone involved with the estate can raise any particular issues and to address any potential concerns. Having an independent third party organising these meetings and recording the details of those meeting can be vital as nobody can then say that anything was missed or not noted during that time.

There are also a number of services that are worth considering. For RMC’s we can act as Company Secretary ensuring that required paperwork is lodged at Companies House on their behalf. Another example is dealing with the transfer and issue of new share or membership certificates (following the sale of individual properties). It helps to use a company who has more experience in the process of these transfers (and help to avoid any problems).

A big thing for any estate is the issue of trust. Essentially when you ask someone to manage your estate you are entrusting them to do what they say they can do and that they can run your estate effectively. This is why it is important to choose a service provided by experienced professionals who know how to balance the needs of all residents.

At KTS Estate Management we don’t simply believe in doing a job for our clients. We believe in developing a close working relationship and tailor our services to the needs of each individual client.

If you would like to know rnore about KTS Estate Management and the services that we offer please contact us today.

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